classes on hold

We are sorry to announce that all classes are currently on hold, as Nayna has received a diagnosis of breast cancer and is fighting like a BOSS to beat it.

If you care to keep up with Nayna’s fight, the best place to do so is on the GoFundMe page I have set up.
(Donations are absolutely not required or expected –  that location just helps keep everything in one place and prevents repeated updates on multiple sites). 

GoFundMe Link:

Thank You,
Jessie Boyer (Webmistress)


Nayna is a multifaceted World Fusion and American Bellydance artist and instructor from Charlotte, North Carolina.

On stage, Nayna brings passion, excitement and power to every performance. She’s known for her sassy and sultry solos, dynamic group choreographies, and innovative staging. As an instructor, Nayna is wholly dedicated to her students. Her classes are engaging and challenging but also fun and non-intimidating.  As a lifetime student of the Salimpour School of Dance, her classes are inspired by the Suhaila Salimpour format, so you can expect heavy focus on proper technique. Nayna strives to nurture the power and beauty bellydance brings out in every person.

Dedicated to continuously improving and evolving her art, Nayna draws from a wide array of master dancers, including her mentor, Suhaila. As a result, she is comfortable and proficient in a variety of styles. Her own personal style might be best described as World Fusion and American Bellydance. In addition, she has a love for fire arts and enjoys incorporating fire props into her performances when possible. 

Nayna danced 5 years with the award-nominated Magic Hips Dancers and Jewels of the Caravan, was a founding member of the Spirit of the Lotus Dance Company, and is the artistic director of her own troupe, the Raq-A-Bellas. She has taught several workshops and specialized group lessons in and outside of N.C.  She is certified through, and a lifetime member of, the Salimpour School of Dance and is excited to continue her dance education and certification with Suhaila. 

Nayna currently has weekly live classes via her online virtual studio and will be adding  on-demand class options soon.